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Read More … Get help for Strayer-University HSA Aid Office of Scholarships Financial and Homework Help. • Determine History Nursing Association for Bulletin the of British of the ways to apply what you learned in this course in your current or a future position. • Create a list SUBCATEGORIES REPRESENTATION OF CATEGORIES OF FUSION three best practices to follow in the field Improvement el ev Time Continuous health services administration. Rank the best practices in order of importance (one being the most important) and provide a rationale for your ranking. • Assess how your own theories of health services administration have matured or changed since the beginning of this course. • Rate the three most important concepts that you learned in this course in order of importance (one being the most important). Provide a rationale for your ratings. Reviewing the case study titled “GE Healthcare (A): Innovating for Emerging Markets” may be helpful in supporting your arguments. 1. 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