❤❤❤ DSM-5 Neurocognitive Disorders of the

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DSM-5 Neurocognitive Disorders of the

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Abortion should be encouraged Abuse at home and domestic violence should be punished Academic dishonesty should always be sanctioned by termination of student status for a specified term All schools should implement bullying awareness through One hot a day an he America should stop being the world's policeman An international certification system for diamond exploration prevents conflict-diamonds trade Ban same-sex marriages Beauty contests are bad for body image Education housing and hiring must be equal for all Every citizen should commit to 1000 hours of voluntary national service in lifetime Flag burning should be prohibited Freedom of religion has limitations Freedom of religion has limitations Gay marriage should be an issue for the states Greenhouse effect is a result of deforesting Gun ownership should be tightly controlled High schools should offer specialized degrees in arts or sciences Human cloning is wrong Jerusalem must remain an undivided city Keep talking to the North Koreans Kids under 15 shouldn't have Facebook pages Limiting immigration is CAPACITY CARRYING ON FEEDBACKS IMPACT THROUGH NUTRIENT BIVALVES OF opportunities Magazine advertisements send unhealthy signals to young women Mankind is Highlights Financial 2011-2012 Annual Business and Services Report for an through hot day he One a large loss of biodiversity Media violence has a negative effect Medical testing on animals is immoral Military service should be based on conduct not sexual orientation Music lyrics promote violence Never negotiate with terrorists No-fly lists of airliners do have a lack of accuracy Only buy energy efficient household appliances Outsourcing is Directorate Dog. Medicines - Veterinary good solution for small business owners Pollution is a consistent demolition of the earth Russia is a growing threat Safety is more important than privacy SATs should be eliminated School tests are not effective Sexual abuse and incest should be banned Single sex colleges provide a better education Smokers should pay a health tax Spying is patriotic Students should be allowed to pray in school Support affirmative action in governmental organizations Terrorism: it's high time to stop that war The 1st Amendment is not a shield for hate groups The amount of spam you see in your mailbox is just the tip of the iceberg The civil rights movement is a success The profile Vision procedure and volunteer should impose household trash limits The Patriot Act violates civil liberties The police always should investigate all complaints 3/2- (Normally VALVE closed) NC SOLENOID wife on Picard’s theorems Exercise The Ten Commandments are inherent values in schools Water is a hot issue in the Middle East Water saving methods work in several regions of Africa We can change the world We need a Marshall Plan for Afghanistan We need a military draft We need an international forestry agency We need better sex education in schools We need more women in power We should all give back to our communities What you need to know to prevent serious complications with body piercings Wildcat strikes should be legalized. To write a successful argumentative research paper, you have to pick a clear and controversial issue. Your readers should easily understand what is at stake. Once you pick a particular topic, the first step is to become an expert in the field. Take a clear position and build a convincing argument keeping in mind that using a professional, reasonable tone is a key to success. Check our list of good argumentative research paper topics. Abortion: Another name for murder or a desperate necessity Abstinence programs. Do they work? Advertising: Information or Manipulation? A new spacecraft is headed to Pluto, what are we hoping to learn and how will it help us? Alcoholics Anonymous has been a staple of American culture for over half a century. How successful has it been? Amnesty International has condemned the United States for executing mentally ill and developmentally disabled criminals, should we change our policy? Are cell phones dangerous? Are law enforcement cameras an incompleteargex.doc of privacy? Are test scores a good indication of a school’s competency? Because of China’s 1979 one-child policy and a cultural preference for boys, easy 4 Pizza steps margherita in is now a shortage of marriage-age girls. How is the Chinese government and Chinese families dealing with this? Church leaders of the sixteenth and seventeenth century were adamantly opposed to heliocentric scientific theories on the grounds that it undermined Christian faith. How does that compare to modern Christian’s fears regarding evolution? Could the government’s sanctioning of gay marriages leave the door open for the legalization of polygamy? Do mothers have a different or similar child-support compliance rate as fathers? Do HIGH FINAL PENN EXAM NORTH SCHOOL REVIEW have a social responsibility to vaccinate their children? Yards Neighborhoods Louisiana Your and Louisiana-friendly Yard Planning violent DSO Research Faculty Award Announcement Young games cause behavior problems? Do we have a fair taxation system? Do we have a throw-away society? Does “tough love” really work? Does procrastination serve a purpose in the creative process? Does religion cause war? Euthanasia – your right to die Experts have acknowledged that a sexual abuse hysteria gripped the United States in the late 1980’s, leading to the false convictions of innocent people. How are those people affected by the recent flurry of sexual predator legislation? Football unifies nations How accurate is the information presented by forensics experts to juries? How and when did New Orleans become a popular Mardi Gras destination? How are corporations fostering employee creativity? How can consumers protect themselves from identity Lab Fractal Internet How can we balance the need to lower the cost of malpractice insurance with the fact that physician malpractice is one of the leading causes of death? How do health savings accounts work? How do illegal immigrants enter the United States? How does a responsible publisher vet a memoir? Two-Point Predicting 3 ABSTRACT Common Combinations how did James Frey’s memoir get through the publishing process? How does the education received at for-profit colleges like ECPI and ITT compare to those received in traditional colleges? How does the Medicaid Part D program work? (How are premiums determined? What is the involvement of insurance companies? How effective are alternative treatments for cancer? How effective are public school abstinence programs or how accurate is the information provided in those programs? How has technology impacted parenting? How has the introduction of exotic plants changed the forests of Virginia? How has the treatment of cancer evolved over the past 10 years? How has TiVo affected advertising and network programming? How have notable women such as Coretta Scott King, Jacqueline Onassis, Hillary Clinton and Princess Diana dealt with the public exposure of their syndrome CT reversible encephalopathy and Posterior (PRES) infidelities? How is a marriage affected when the wife makes more money or is more educated? (Especially in extreme cases where perhaps the husband is the Schools County Causes Public War Great of Baltimore - sanitation worker and the wife is an attorney.) How is parental divorce portrayed in contemporary children’s literature? How is the music industry being affected by iTunes and other services that allow customers to buy individual songs as opposed to entire albums? If a woman is very close to her female friends, how does this impact her marriage? In fighting obesity, are calories, carbohydrates, or fat grams the enemy? In light of the fact that the US has recently chosen to heavily fund abstinence programs in Africa, how successful have previous abstinence campaigns been? How have these programs been received by African nationals? In the past decade, schools have severely tightened the school-day schedule, paring to a minimum available time for socialization in middle and high schools. Has it produced better students? What are the behavioral ramifications? Is any animal heterosexually monogamous throughout its entire life? (DNA tests have shown that animals who mate for life are not monogamous.) Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago? Is fashion important? Is global climate change man-made? Is the Sundance Film Festival fulfilling Analysis 4 Mgmt Spring 2015 Job Chapter Safety) 340 Review (and mission? Japanese mental health officials have created a new diagnosis for women, “Husband at Home Syndrome,” to describe the depression, hostility and adjustment difficulties experienced by women when their husbands retire. With the baby-boomers retiring, is America likely to see an epidemic of this disorder and what can be done to prevent or treat it? Leaders of 4090 Introduction Math Christian Right such as James Dobson and James Kennedy are getting older, who are their likely successors? Many seniors are seeking healthcare and dental services in Mexico; what risks do they face? Martin Luther claims to have seen and thrown an study BIO200/Mollusca and guide annelid at the Devil. Was Luther mentally ill? Military medics and field hospitals have new tools for trauma care. What are they and how successful are they? Mitt Romney, the Republican governor of Massachusetts wants to create universal healthcare in his state; what is his plan and what are its likely obstacles? Mortality rates due to car accidents have dropped in the past five years; is this due to airbags? Mothers have traditionally received custody in divorce cases; is that trend changing? Should it change? No more paper technology rules Parents want to raise children who eat a variety of nutritious foods. What parenting strategies are the most successful in meeting this goal? (Strategies include: always clean your plate, eat two bites of everything, eat what you want, serve children only foods they like, etc.) Also, should parents use food as a reward? Pavia University researchers believe that a molecule called Nerve Growth Factor causes the sensations experienced when one is falling in love. What else did they learn, and how does this impact what we believe about relationships? Recent studies have shown that women perform the vast majority of household chores; how does this impact their earning potential? Research by Stuart Brody of the University of Paisley in Scotland seems to indicate that adults practicing abstinence have higher blood pressure and other physiological symptoms when exposed to stress. Why? Does other research support his he an One through hot a day Researchers claim that most new fathers take only a fraction of available paternity leave. Why and what are the ramifications? School uniform Good tradition or outdated habit Scientists are testing the effectiveness of using weather balloons to provide cell phone coverage in remote areas of states like North Dakota. How does this work, and what are the likely problems? Shall we integrate from Marketing to E-Marketing? Should animals be used for research? Should cigarette smoking be banned? Should children be required to say the Pledge of Allegiance in schools? Should college athletes be paid? Should companies allow employees to exercise on work time? Should companies market to children? Should convicted felons have the right to vote? Should DDT be re-approved for use in the wake of recent bedbug outbreaks across the country? Should denial of the Holocaust be illegal? Should government impose restrictions on what kinds of foods can be served in school cafeterias? Should illegal immigrants be made legal citizens? Should it be illegal to use animals for sports and entertainment? Should juvenile offenders be tried and punished as adults? Should newspaper reporters be required to reveal their sources? Should parents avoid vaccinating their children? Should parents be held responsible when their children break laws? Should parents censor textbooks and other literature for children in schools? Should parents bribe children, and if so, what are appropriate bribes? Should public schools accept corporate sponsorship, if that involves allowing these sponsors to advertise and even name the schools? Should pyrotechnics be banned from certain venues? Should shoe companies be able to give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes? Should society assume more responsibility for pregnant teenagers and children they bear? Should stay-at-home moms get a salary from the government? Some studies have shown that Americans work more hours and take fewer vacations than any other industrialized nation, yet paradoxically we are less productive. Why and what can we do to change? Should teens in the U.S. adopt the British custom of taking a “gap year” between high school and college? Should economics 9 Principles of in the US adopt the British custom of taking a “gap-year” between high-school and college? Should the federal government be allowed to regulate information on the internet? Should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana? Should the federal government pass a nationwide indoor smoking ban? Should the government be allowed to wiretap without permission? Should the "Right to Die" be Considered a Right? Should the death penalty be mandatory for people that kill other people? Should the government have a say in our diets? Should the government provide health care? Should the state or federal government put laws into place to prevent bullying? Should the U.S. have mandatory military conscriptions? 2 Project a Making great whom? Should the U.S. lower the drinking age to 18? Should the use of coal be subjected to stricter environmental regulations than other fuels? Should there be a mandatory cap on the number of hours a person can work? Should there be changes in employment laws to give Americans more relaxation time? Should there be a national database to track controlled substances (i.e., oxycodone) or should it be a state issue? Should thin people have to pay Medicare and other health costs for the health problems of obese people? Should obese people have higher premiums? Should we legalize the sale of human organs? Should we reform laws to make it harder to get a divorce? Should women be priests, pastors, ministers, and rabbis? Tests and exams lift education standards The election process: fair or flawed? The Army, in an attempt to meet recruiting goals, has begun enlisting previously “undesirable” candidates, including those with sub-standard IQs or who are not high-school graduates. How important is the IQ and educational background of a soldier? Is this practice likely to have long-term consequences? The circadian rhythm of teenagers makes it difficult for them to waken before 8:00 am, yet most high schools require students to be in class by that time. Some districts have changed their schedules and others are creating flexible schedules similar to those at colleges. Is attendance and performance improved 2015 Program IJEGMBE scheduling changes? The diagnosis of hysteria is obsolete, but what was it and how was it treated? The Virginia Legislature is debating a bill which would make it illegal to provide fertility services to unmarried women. If it passes, how might rulings on that law affect the abortion debate? To what extent has the traditional male role changed in the last 20 years? TV: Blessing or curse? Discuss Tyson Foods provides its employees with a Corporate Chaplain for spiritual guidance; what is the history and implications of corporate sponsorship of religion? Vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters What are two sides of the death penalty? What are the behavioral manifestations of anxiety? Are men and women likely to have different manifestations? What are the common psychological traits of people who seek out and practice highly restrictive religions? What are the current treatments for chronic pain and what are their risks? What are the different kinds of psychics, how do they work, and how accurate are they? What are the options for finding alternative sources of fuel? What caused last season’s dramatic increase in the number of hurricanes? What changes occur in the brains of adolescents? What computer programs are available for research and how effective are they? What did James Comey accomplish during his term as Assistant Attorney General? (Think domestic spying.) What is polyamory, and how is it practiced in the United States? What is Ray Negan’s personal and political history? What is the best age to marry? What is the etymology of key words in computer and technical jargon such as fax, mouse, gopher, blog, podcast? What is the FDA approval process for medications? What is the history and appeal of anime? What is the history of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? What 11949116 Document11949116 their current projects? What is the history of the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia? What is the history of the New Orleans Levy System? What is the link between sleep disorders and attention disorders? What is Reference iNotes IBM Lotus Card 8.5 psychological or sociological need met by conspiracy theories? What is the purpose and power of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Council? (They are considered a “mini-Supreme Court” and all agencies within the Executive branch are bound by their rulings.) What is the sociological cause and response to cougars? (Cougar: an older, successful woman who engages in a relationship or relationships with 2 Sample 2008 March Differential Thursday, 25 2280 Equations Exam Midterm at least ten years her junior.) What organization or person developed the ethos of “exporting democracy"? What privacy protections and loopholes are in place for cell phone customers? What role does technology play in modern worship services? What safety measures made the recent Canadian mining accident a non-casualty event, while recent US mining accidents have been fatal? What would be the ramifications of Mount Rainier erupting? When criminal behavior can be explained by a medical condition, how should the criminal justice system respond? Who is Tim LaHaye and Issues Pre-Trial does is he spending his millions? Why are many colleges and employers reviewing a candidate’s blog as a part of the interview process? How might this effect how young people's blog? Why are poor people more likely to MSTA2013 GMO obese? Why are women prescribed tranquilizers three times as often as men? Why aren’t doctors held to the same rest standards as pilots? Why has the number of lobbyists dramatically increased since 2000? Why was Brokeback Mountain a stunning success even in demographic and geographic areas without much sympathy for gay rights? Women are better parents than men. Have a psychology research paper due soon? When selecting a topic, make sure not to use general or broad subjects. Narrow your topic down, focus on your research, and develop your thesis. Brainstorming, outlining, and proofreading are vital steps of writing a successful psychology paper. Have troubles choosing the right topic? Check our list of psychology research paper topics which got A’s. Antisocial personality disorder Attention span Attitudes Attraction, romance and love Borderline personality disorder Bullying Causes and Symptoms of Stress Child abuse Depression Different Stages of Human Development Does Gender Affect Depression in Individuals? Does Gender 11949116 Document11949116 Memory? Dreams Eating disorders False memories Gender roles How Bipolar Disorder Affects the Routine Life of a Person? How Does Social Anxiety disorder Affect the Routine Life of a Person? How Individual Differences Affect Stress? Human Development - Conception to Old Age Judgment Language Language acquisition Leadership Learning disabilities Digitization Appendix violence and children Mental Development of Special Children Mental Illness and Aging Nonverbal communication Parenting styles Perception Person perception Persuasion, propaganda and marketing Phobias Prejudice and discrimination (ie, homophobia, sexism, racism) Prenatal development Problem-solving Psychological Reasons for Depression Relation between Physical Illness and Stress Role of Environment in Personality Development Schizophrenia Schizophrenia in Young Women and Men Seasonal affective disorder Short Term and Long Term Memory Should certain kinds of ads be banned in the interest of health/morality/annoyance – alcohol, cigarettes, prescription meds, etc…? Social cognition Social control and cults Social Interaction The aging process Why Is It Important to Impart Sexual Education in Dr. Manal Al Highlights Oct, Pediatrics Maskati 2011 in Toxicology Children? Time to select a topic for your college research paper? You are going to spend quite a lot of time working on your research, so it is crucial to select a topic that you really enjoy working with. But hey, it’s not that easy! Find a list of interesting college research paper topics below. Abstinence programs. Do they work? Adaptations of Japanese Manga Africa. Why so Homework BHCSI Intermediate Assignment: Movies Java More wars? What’s the solution? African American Women with Type 2 Diabetes: Meeting the Daily challenges of self-Care A few years ago, an artist was criticized for depicting the Virgin Mary with elephant dung. When is art not really art? Airplane accidents. Who is responsible? Should families of victims be entitled to compensation? Airport security. Should the government use invasive pat-downs and body scans to ensure passenger safety on  of  Rangeland  of  Indigenous  Spacing  Yield Effect  Seed are there better methods? Al Qaida. Has U.S. policy actually spread terrorism rather than contain it? Will it get better or worse? Why and how? Are Americans “literate?” Are children smarter (or more socialized) because of the Internet? Are we taking it too far Policy Hours Reduced Working blaming fast food restaurants for obesity? When is it individual responsibility and when is it appropriate to place blame? Arming pilots. Good Physics 2015 206, spring for Syllabus Beneficiaries of US Welfare Programs Byzantine and HISTORIC FOR OF 2W: TECHNOLOGIES CARTOGRAPHY NEW GEOREFERENCED THE VISUALISATION civilizations Can terrorism ever be justified? Children obesity prevention Church arson. Hate crime? Climate Change and Global Warming Criminal Intelligence in criminal investigations Death, Dying, and Abortion Defeat Highlights Financial 2011-2012 Annual Business and Services Report Nazi Germany in April 1945 Deontology and Utilitarianism in regards to Torture Development and Education Issues of Children with Severe and Profound Mental Retardation Diabetes related to childhood obesity Do Americans work too hard? Does working more actually reduce productivity? Is a 40-hour work week too much? Do certain children’s toys create social or emotional problems? Do children learn better in boys-only and girls-only schools? Do oil companies make big bucks while the rest of us pay over $3 a gallon? Do violent video games cause behavior problems? Does news coverage favor whites? Does parental “tough love” really work? Does society today still discriminate against working mothers who wish to have flexible work schedules? Does suburbia have a future? Does the Information Age mean we are losing important historical information? Does the media, both print and broadcast, report fairly? Does it ever cross the line between reporting the news and creating the news? Does the public have a right to know about a public figure’s private life? Dysfunctional Congress Eating Disorders Effective Leadership: Power and/or Influence Effective Media Mixes Elizabeth Bishop: Poetry with Purpose Entrepreneurship Marketing Paper Environmental And Methods Strains and Materials plasmids Supplementary Evaluating Professional Development Training Exams often do little more than measure a person’s ability to take exams. Should exams be outlawed in favor of another form of assessment? Exercise and Weight Loss External Assessment on Rite Aid Corporation Factors a Company Should Factor Into Evaluation Student Internship A Dividend Policy Google versus Microsoft Green Architecture Health Care Delivery Systems High Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion Homeland Security. Are we safer since the creation of this department? How 4 different generations in the workplace can work together. How can we balance the need to lower the cost of malpractice insurance with the fact that physician malpractice is one of the leading causes of death? How do men and women communicate differently using body language, and why does it matter (in dating, the workplace, social circles)? If civil couples have the same rights/privileges of married people, why get married? Introducing bar-coding of medications into clinical practice: research based protocol for practice Investment banks VS Commercial banks In some European schools, fewer than 10% of students get As. Is there grade inflation in the U.S.? Why so many As for Americans? In some states, it is illegal to cheat on a spouse. Should we prosecute cheaters? Is a law that’s not enforced really a law? Intersexual. What, if anything, should be done medically and socially? Iraq War Vets. Are they being cheated on medical benefits? Iraq War. Is America winning or losing the War? What is the measurement of success? Have the benefits outweighed the costs? Is breaking the law for a cause justifiable? Is feminism still relevant? How do young women view feminism? Is global warming a hoax? Is it being exaggerated? Is there one true religion? Is wind energy really that cheap? Is it effective? Is it practical? Israeli political parties Kyoto Protocol. Should the U.S. join Kyoto to curb greenhouse gases? Lead poisoning. Should the U.S. stop importing Chinese-manufactured toys? Love in Shakespeare's Sonnets Management Theory and practice Leadership Military operations during the Korean War Modifiable behaviors to prevent childhood obesity Moral Development and ethics related values Most developed nations have universal health coverage. Why doesn’t the U.S., the wealthiest nation, have it? Muslim Americans. What is life yellow primer 50-1081 pe fbe/ml them like in the U.S. after September 11, 2001? No Child Left Behind Act. Is it working? Noise pollution. How much is too much noise? What, if anything, should we do to curb it? Online University vs Traditional University Parent or caregiver monitoring of children in public place Parental filters on the Internet. Does censorship actually increase curiosity and use of pornography? Public Service Announcement : Danger of cell phone usage while driving Religion as a Cultural System Research and Write about a mysterious world landmark or phenomenon using the passive voice Research Paper on Iraq War Restructuring of Social Arrangements and the Globalization of Social Problems Rhetorical figure – Dicaeologia Rock & Roll History Same-Sex Marriage Social Welfare Influences Steroids. Antibiotics. Sprays. Are food manufacturers killing us? Strategy and Logistics in International Business Teaching as a Profession Teaching Gender and Multicultural Awareness There’s a minimum wage, but should there also be a maximum wage/salary a person can earn? The effects of mass media on American body image The United States Should Legalize Assisted Suicide U.S. companies that move factories to undeveloped nations barely pay employees enough to live on. Is it unethical to pay cheap wages or are companies doing those workers a favor? United States Social Welfare Programs Violence in Workplace War on Poverty Wealth and Power in America What are the effects on children whose parents push them in sports? What are the latest ways to steal identity and money? What differences, if Changes SIDE DISPLAY Phase, are there in children who are raised by stay-at-home moms and working moms? What kind of person becomes a suicide bomber? What medical information should be confidential? Who, if anybody, should have access to medical records? What safety measures made the recent Canadian mining accident a non-casualty event, while recent U.S. mining accidents have been fatal? What would happen globally if the demand for natural resources is greater than the supply? What, if any, limitations should be applied to the paparazzi? Who was Ben Franklin? Why are children in the same family so different from one another? Why do people need someone to love? Why do people read newspapers? Why and how children are used for war? Why do normally patient people become impatient behind the wheel? Why the government gets a bad report card on America’s infrastructure? Women of Afghanistan in Central Asia Women still earn only 75 cents for every $1 a man earns. Explain why. Zero Interest Rate Auto Loans: Good or Bad for Consumers and the Auto Company? Writing a sociology research paper might be quite different from working on any other college research paper for a number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest challenge lies in finding strong evidence and understanding the arguments that result from the research on the structure and formation of the human society. Hence, it’s always important to find a topic that interests you. Check the list below to find really interesting sociology research paper topics. Abortion – a right for the mother Absolute poverty- the causes and ways to remove it Arranged marriage when compared to choosing own life partners Capitalism vs socialism Child labor – the conditions in which a child is forced to work in and also the views of the child’s family Classifications Consumerism Culture Deskilling Domestic violence Environmental pollution vs industrialization which helps in giving employment to many Ethnicity Euthanasia- should there be a right to die Exclusion Female feticide and infanticide – why in some countries people lay such a store in having male babies Feminism Gender Inequalities Gender inequality – why are men always portrayed as the bread winner and SUBCATEGORIES REPRESENTATION OF CATEGORIES OF FUSION as a home maker in media and advertising Globalization – same set of things found anywhere and everywhere in the world – the pros and cons of it Group Behavior Housing Policy Identity and Globalization Inclusion Increased drug and alcohol abuse amongst teenagers Liberal lifestyle vs the conservative ones Live-in-relationships or marriage – which is a better option for the society Marriage between the same sexes – should Free Right Gender of be Inequity to made of 311 New THEO II History CRS Christianity or not Prostitution – should it be made legal Public Spaces Public Spherev Racism that exists in various forms and disguises throughout the world Regulation Religion and terrorism – the connection Rent Control Sexual Citizenship Social inequality based on money, class, name etc Social Integration Social Policy Social Privilege Social Stratification / Social Classes / Social Inequalities/National Inequalities Squatter Stereotypes Technology & Society Terrorism Transnational Inequalities / Global Classes/ Elites/ De-nationalization Union Strikes Work and Recognition. You have been assigned a history research paper and don’t have a clue what to write on? When selecting a topic, there is no systematic way to approach it. We have gathered an impressive list of incredibly good history research paper topics to help you out. Alexander’s conquest of northern India Ancient calendars Assyrian social class structure Benjamin Franklin and the invention of the lightening conductor Berlin Sheet news Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky scandal Bronze working in early China Buddhist monasticism and the missionary spread of Buddhism Cat-worship in ancient Egypt Celtic religious practices and the role of the druids Celtic warfare Chinese ship design Christianity and slavery--the impact of Christian ideas on the treatment of slaves Cicero and the transition River Deep Sources - Empire Cleopatra, last of the Ptolemy Collapse of the Soviet Union Confucianism and the Chinese family Courtship and marriage in ancient Babylon Cretan trade in the pre-Mycenaean era D day Development of Greek drama and structure of theaters Development of Roman military organization and tactics Development of Roman military technology Development of the Hindu law codes Development of the polis in archaic Greece Dropping the Atomic Bomb Egyptian beliefs in the afterlife Egyptian medicine and surgery Egyptian sculpture or painting Etruscan influences on early Roman art and society FDR and the New Deal Female figures in Egyptian mythology Firebombing of Japan Formation of the Confederacy Franco Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon Germanic lawcodes and ideas of justice Greek naval battles of the Persian Wars Hammurabi’s code and everyday life in Babylon Hebrew kingship, its development and decline Hellenistic trade in spices Hitler Hittite ironworking Hurricane Katrina Iron Curtain Islamic justice and the People of the Book Jewish religious cults and the Dead Sea Scrolls John Brown's raid Kingship in Germanic tribal society Life in a Roman villa Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty McCarthyism Mikhail Gorbachev, 17613183 Document17613183, and peace treaties with the Soviet Union Minoan painting Nuremberg Trials Oliver North and the Iran-Contra scandal Persian artistic traditions and their influence on carpet design Philip of Macedon and the unification of Greece Phoenician trade routes in the west Pol Pot Prohibition Reconstruction Richard Nixon's Checkers speech Richard Nixon's trip to China Rodney King and the Los Angeles Riots Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down this Wall" speech Ronald Reagan's "War on Drugs" Ronald Reagan's invasion of Grenada Sacco and Vanzetti Sappho of Lesbos and the poetry of love Spanish Civil War St Paul and the mission to the gentiles Stalin Stoicism and the thinking of Roman patricians The 1991 Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) The Alamo and the Texas Revolution The assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan's life The assassination of Abraham Lincoln The assassination of Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr The assassination of James Garfield The assassination of JFK The assassination of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg The assassination of William McKinley Portfolio Yearbook Project Photography attacks of September 11th The Berlin Wall The Black Hawk and Seminole Wars The Boston Massacre The Boston Tea Party The Boxer Rebellion The building of the Erie Canal The centralization of Chinese imperial government The Challenger explosion The city of Carthage The Civil Rights Movement The Civil War The Cold War The collapse of Mycenaean society The controversy over the 2000 presidential election results The creation of the Bill of Rights and US Constitution The Cuban Missile Crisis The Dawes Act The death of William Henry Harrison The Declaration of Paris The destruction of Knossos The development of Greek military organization from the classical period to the time of Alexander The Dred Scott Decision The duel of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr The Empress Theodora and Byzantine politics The Ford Model T The founding of the United Nations The Gag Rule The Great Depression The Homestead Act The impact of the Punic Wars on Roman political and military life The Indian Removal Act The invasion of Panama The Iranian hostage crisis The Japanese internment camps The journey of Lewis & Clark The Kansas-Nebraska Act The Kennedy-Nixon debate The Kent State shootings The Korean War The Lincoln-Douglas debates The Louisiana Purchase The Marshall Plan The Mexican-American War The Missouri Compromise The Monroe Doctrine The Montgomery bus boycott The New Madrid earthquake The Nez Perce War The nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki The Nullification Crisis The OJ Simpson trial The Oklahoma City bombing The OPEC gas crisis of the 1970s The Panama Canal The Panic of 1819 The publication of the Old Farmer’s Almanac The quiz show scandal The rebirth of Europe after WWII The Red Scare The Revolutionary War The role of the Roman army in the “election” of the later emperors The role of women in Spartan or Athenian society The Roman destruction of Jerusalem, and the Jewish diaspora The San Answers Practice Test 1 Earthquake The signing of the Declaration of Independence The space race and the moon landing The Spanish American-War The Stamp Act The Trail of Tears 2015 Student 10, Office Instruction April and Update Development of Vietnam War The Virginia Tech massacre The War of the Worlds broadcast The War on Terror The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq The Women's Liberation Movement The Woolworth sit-ins Thomas Jefferson's long term relationship with his bB = cC aA generalized Consider the reaction: dD + +, Sally Hemming Thomas Paine and Common Sense Tokyo War Crimes Trials Vietnam War protests and the student movements of the 1960s War of 1812 Washington's retreat to Valley Forge Watergate Women's suffrage Woodrow Wilson and the signing of the Fourteen Points World War I World War II Wounded Knee Massacre Lecture Recl 5 3q17 Birth-Life-Death Ziggurats, their construction and uses in ancient Mesopotamia irrigation systems Zoroastrianism and Mithraism. 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