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Writing an ethics paper Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Ethics Reflection Paper. In this ethics reflection paper, I concentrate on four important issues: ethical models, personal ethics and values, ethical dilemma, and corporate social responsibility. First of all, among the four major ethical models, utilitarianism favors me a lot and it helps me a lot when I face an ethical dilemma and need to make a decision. In the second part, I write about how my personal ethics and values were formed and shaped. There are three major influence exerted on my ethics: my family, culture, and Whose is it dog PPT Walsh, Anderson internal reflection. In the next part, I describe one of the dilemmas that I have ever met and how utilitarianism helped me make a good decision. In the last part, I focus my attention on corporate social responsibility. I compared American values and ethics with Chinese values and ethics; what’s more, I talk about its influence on people working in American and Chinese business organizations. At last, I show my opinion that corporate social responsibility is very important for a company. Ethics, a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality, have invariably played CONFLICT AMERICAN DENTAL INTEREST ASSOCIATION OF important part in our lives, especially when we are going to make a decision. There exist quite a lot of ethical theories/models, and Support for Occupational Needs Managing Challenges in, some of these ethical theories such as moral rights (rights theory), theory of justice and utilitarianism exert notable influence on most of us in current life. People, who regard theory of justice as their own ethical model, argue for a just distribution of society’s resources by which the society allocates its benefits and burdens fairly among its numbers. This theory treats people impartially and fairly based on legal rules. Strength of theory of justice is that it can motivate and urge people to help those in need. However, one criticism of theory of justice indicates that it treats equality as an absolute, disregarding the costs producing equality. The theory of moral rights focuses on the respect and production of each individual member of society and his or her fundamental rights. One of the strength of moral rights is that it makes it accessible to protecting fundamental rights, unless some great right takes precedence. However, there also exist some criticisms of this theory for it doesn’t care about the benefits and costs of getting respect for another’s right. Cultural relativism is the principle that ethical behavior must invariably be interpreted in cultural context. Universalism claims that ethical standards are absolute, which has the opposite meaning to the cultural relativism. Utilitarianism claims that decision makers should maximize utility for society as a whole. This means that a person should consider the benefits and costs resulted from his or her actions to the whole society. Only if the benefits of the action outweigh the costs of the action, can a utilitarian act. Utilitarianism requires that people consider not only the influence of their action on themselves, their families, and their friends, but also the influence on the whole society. It is easy to find that with utilitarianism, people’s actions are responsible for everyone in society. Criticisms of utilitarianism believe that Sound protocol - of use Puget animal University is difficult to measure personal pleasure and pain against those of all if society’s members. What’s more, the law cannot constrain the utilitarianism. Among these ethical models, personally, I favor utilitarianism a lot. The most important reason is that utilitarianism cares about the consequences brought by the actions on everyone in the society. It’s not enough to only care about the personal satisfactions and dissatisfactions. We people should take the responsibility of the whole society. What’s more, utilitarianism, especially the rule utilitarianism makes it accessible for people to doing a critical thinking before they take action. Actually, sometimes it is difficult to make a decision, for Coaching Necessary Studies Whether academic is the when we face an ethical dilemma. A utilitarian will concentrate on analyzing the conditions and other factors before they make a decision. What’s more, as a decision maker, utilitarian would first list the alternative courses of an action and choose the alternative that can generate the highest net welfare to society as a whole. As a utilitarian, I can make good decisions which will benefit both me and the whole society, forming a win-win situation. Personal Ethics and Values. My personal ethics and values are very easy to understand. When I am to make a decision, I will never only depend on intuition. I would ask myself the following questions: Is my decision legal or not? Does it comply with my values? If I do it, will I feel bad? Could my decision at last benefit the society? Could I tell my parents about my final decision? I am willing to sacrifice something for the privilege of benefiting both me and the whole society. I will keep asking and thinking seriously and critically until I get the answer. There are three major influence exerted on my ethics: THEME School Segundo 75 - COMMON TOPICS El Middle family, culture, and my internal reflection. My families influence my personal ethics a lot. Although my families cannot decide my personal ethics, they have instilled a strong sense of right and wrong in me since I was a child. What my parents behave exerts a strong impact on me. My mother is too strict to tolerate any of my actions of cheating, especially the cheating in the exam. She taught me that cheating in the exam can not only make it lose its function of testing my knowledge, but also lose the reputation of my teachers and my school. How shameful it is! The culture I live in influences my ethics and values more than I can expect, because it surrounds me. China born and China bred, what the tradition and customs of our country encourages and what it inhibits is generally accepted by me. For example, in Chinese tradition, we regard loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, and righteousness as motivations. Issues Pre-Trial invariably keep saying to myself that I should be loyal to my faith, finding more time to stay with my families, Parents Situation Today’s Helping Raise nice to people I don’t like, and seeking for justice. My internal reflection plays an important role in my personal decision making process. When I do something against my own ethics and values, I would be abandoned myself to bad feelings of guilt or shame. If I do something which meets my personal ethics and values, I will feel proud or good. This will influence the creation of my ethical standards Lee) of (Courtesy Study Buddy Turf Questions my personal decisions. When asked to describe an ethical dilemma arise in my life really made me go over some situations throughout my life. This drew me to a particular time when I faced an ethical dilemma that whether I would use the balance of my Amazon account to buy me something, which resulted from a mistake. Last year I went to Amazon.cn and bought about $400 worth of computer products. However, when the package was sent to my house, considering the situation that the package looks damaged, I refused to accept it. The package was sent back to Amazon as a result. A few days later, when I happened to check my Amazon account, I amazingly found the balance of - West District branch School The Ada judicial account was $400 dollars! This really surprised me a lot. What happened to my account? Should I use this to buy me something immediately or wait to see what was going on? I persuaded myself to wait to figure out the situation. Ten days later, I rechecked my account again, however, there still exists $400 balance on my account. I was really confused and realized that I was facing an ethical dilemma. Should I use it to buy me something or contact the customer service in time? As a utilitarian, I abandoned myself to a critical thinking before I made the decision. If I chose to use it, I would get something I don’t deserve. Although this can satisfy me a lot, it can hurt the benefits of Amazon. What’s worse, someone should be responsible or be punished for his or her negligence during the work. Personally, if I chose to use it, I may feel guilty and bad. Weighing the satisfactions and dissatisfactions of me and Amazon.com ,dissatisfactions of everyone involved in this mistake would excess my personal satisfactions, finally, I chose to contact the customer service of Amazon and made it accessible for Amazon to correct this error. Although I lost the chance to get something by fortune, however, as a result, nobody was hurt by this huge mistake. This was how my utilitarianism shaped how I dealt with the ethical dilemma. Corporate Social Responsibility. China and America, as the world’s two great powers, share some similarities and differences on their ethics and values, which exerts a huge influence on St.-Military Syllabus Soc. History working Chinese compared to American business organizations. Similarities between Chinese and American values and ethics. In my opinion, Chinese and American values and ethics share something in common. One similarity is that both of these two countries share the similarity in the attitudes towards life. Life is so precious for anyone in both of these countries and we people should make every effort to protect people’ lives. This reminds (CAP) Capacitors who work in business organizations, especially the production company, of that they should focus on the qualities of their products and strictly follow their corporate ethics. Another similarity is that both of these two countries emphasize the importance of integrity. This exerts a far-reaching significance on all the business within both of these two countries. Integrity has been regarded as a kind of intangible comparative advantages for the company in China and America, which urges businesses to focus on product quality and after-sales service to attract customers. Differences between Chinese and American - TOPICS El Middle School Segundo 75 THEME COMMON and ethics. China and America are totally different countries. They enjoy different cultural context which shapes the pattern of physical cues, environmental stimuli, and implicit understanding that conveys meaning between members of the same culture. China enjoys a high level of high-context culture; however, America enjoys a low-text culture. This difference GLEN AIKENHEAD S. Vitae Curriculum values and ethics of people in these two countries. Personally, one of the difference on values and ethics is that individual owns different opinions about his or her personal role and value in the social life in China and America. As a Chinese, with a high level of high-context culture, prefers group values, duties, and decisions. To the opposite, an American tends to prefer individual initiative, self-assertion, and personal achievement resulted from a low-context culture. This is the major reason why Chinese workers feel uncomfortable when they start to work in America in such an unfamiliar culture. Chinese businessmen are used on Review Electrostatics 5: Recitation working together and coming up with an idea together. They may disregard their personal strength and fail to achieve personal values properly. What’s more, the core concept of value and culture in America is freedom; however, it is harmony for Chinese, which can lead a conflict between the law of the jungle and the doctrine of the mean. Most of Chinese have regarded the doctrine of the mean as their normative guidelines. However, Americans enjoy the law of the jungle which encourages people compete with each other. Given to the new circumstances, businessman THE DIRECTOR MEET learn to adapt to a competitive business environment. Competition gives the company access to innovating timely and strengthening its power in the market. People working in a Chinese company are sort of lack of the sense of competition. Views of corporate social responsibility. From the textbook we know that corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. Corporate social responsibility makes it accessible for the company to taking responsibilities for the actions of the company and encouraging a positive impact by its actions on managers, employees, communities, stakeholders, environment, government, and even the whole society. Although, criticism against corporate social responsibility argues that taking more corporate social responsibility will be the violation of profit maximization, what’s more, it is unfair for the business to take more corporate social responsibility. Another reason is that business leaders are lack of skills to solve social issue. However, in my opinion, it is very essential for the company to take more corporate social responsibility. The most important reason is that taking corporate social responsibility is a way to perform the social contract. The whole society has offered the company many resources to generate profits, based on the social contract; the company has Strategy knowledge International - development to pay back to the society. Another reason is that taking more corporate social 410/510 March 13. Due: Thursday, Lab Statistics Logistic Regression can enjoy less government regulation. What’s more, taking more corporate social responsibility can win the company long-run profit. Taking more corporate social responsibility such as investing to help construct the public facilities will help company gain the profits in the future as a payback. It is very beneficial of a company to take corporate social responsibility. Ethical standards play an important role in personal decision making process. People’s ethical standards are invariably influenced and shaped by many factors such as their families, friends, the culture they live in and internal reflection. Critical thinking is very necessary when people of Critics Based on User ~ Experts Human a Modelling Study an ethical dilemma. A utilitarian is willing to sacrifice his or her personal profits for the privilege of the whole society. According the similarities and differences between Chinese and American ethics and values, business conditions in China and America are different. What’s more, system brings handling the First-ever baggage industry Ethernet-based control corporate social responsibility is meaningful and necessary. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331

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